Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my shoot?

Start by filling out the simple Session Prep Form to get a jump start on what you’re looking to accomplish.

We’ll talk over what you envision; I’ll share ideas and we’ll map out details like wardrobe, location, props and lighting so we can be efficient on set.

The most important thing is that you feel good. Many great shots happen spontaneously so don’t stress. Get a good night’s sleep if you can. 

We’ll have a good time because my skills are here to help you achieve or exceed your goals. You can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

How long is a shoot?

You’ve got options. You can book a shoot for a half or full day or even a multi-day or recurring shoot. You can see choices in the Shop menu under Work With Me. If you’ve got questions about reviewing the descriptions, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me here.

What should I wear?

It depends on the style shoot you’re having, whether it’s indoors or outside and depending on the season. And you probably have in mind the style of shoot you’re going for, whether it’s business, casual, sporty or something else. It’s up to you what you want to portray in your session and we’ll discuss it ahead of time.

You can bring clothing changes (the number depends on whether you’re having a half or whole day shoot — see Work With Me for more info). Location will influence what you’re wearing. We’ll discuss wardrobe ahead of time. In general, solid colors work best because patterns can be distracting but there are always exceptions so we’ll go over what you plan ahead of time.

When you’ve got brand colors, whether an individual or a company photo shoot, you want to be sure your wardrobe will look great on your website and in branded materials. They don’t have to be identical but they need to be compatible and complimentary. 

How many locations do we go to in one session?

It depends on the length of shoot you choose. The most common shoot is at one location. If you’ve booked a full day shoot, we can go to more than one location, planned ahead and not too far from each other. Multiple locations incur additional charges because more work is involved in setup, breakdown, planning and travel.

You may have favorite or meaningful spots you might want to use as a backdrop. I can suggest beautiful locations for nature backgrounds. We’ll plan this out before your shoot so the day of the shoot runs smoothly and we can focus on getting great shots and feeling free.

Do you offer hair and/or makeup options?

Yes. I have a trusted hair and makeup team you can use. You’re also welcome to bring your own hair and/or makeup pros and if you prefer, you can do your own. If you choose to work with my team, the cost will be included in your package price.

Should I eat before a shoot?

Yes; it’s a good idea to eat before your shoot. Stay away from sugar and carbs, though and stick to protein. Sugar can make you crash later on and carbs can weigh you down. If you’re having a full day shoot, we’ll also take a food break.

Do you do any photo editing?

Post-processing is included with your shoot. Special post-processing incurs an additional charge. We can go over the difference between the two before your shoot. 

How do we work safely with social distancing?

I wear a mask throughout our shoot, as do any assistants for a larger shoot. Surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and if we’re going to any locations, the locations comply with CDC guidelines for safety. See the Covid-19 callout in the top bar on every page of this website for more details.

Is there a strategy or theme to my shoot?

We’ll discuss your goals before the day of your shoot. When we first meet, I’ll take a few initial shots so you can get comfortable, just to break the ice. We’ll establish rapport and make sure you feel relaxed and good. As far as themes or topics, we’ll have discussed that beforehand so you know what to bring for clothing and/or props and we’ll share ideas to have fun and create a great story with your images.

When will I get my photos after our session?

I’ll send you a few key shots within 24 hours of your shoot so you can have fun seeing the work we’ve done. The majority of your shoot will be delivered within a few days to a week, depending on the size of your shoot.

What’s the perfect place for you to be photographed?

Take this fun, short quiz to find out.

What’s the perfect place for you to be photographed?

Take this fun, short quiz to find out.