What You Get


Post-processing of your favorite shots from our shoot is included in your project price. For relatively small adjustments, you’ll receive this as part of our work.

Things like removing an unsightly outlet plate that was in the wrong spot or retouching shine are included. I’ve got you covered.

Special Post-Processing

When you’re going for something unique, you can opt for special post-processing effects. Your imagination is the guide. There are many things we can do to create a unique look and feel, whether it’s adding texture, color or special effects.

We can also create magical artwork by combining images. We’ll talk it through when we map out your project. I can show you examples and you can show me what you’ve got in mind. Think extraordinary.


You may want to consider renting props, depending on the type of shoot you’ve got in mind. We can create a unique atmosphere with the right props.

Sometimes interesting props can create exactly what you’d love, even more so than a particular location. We can rent almost anything you can imagine. We’ll consider what will work best for your goals.