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Do you stay curious about the world and yourself? Do you value what’s real? Those traits go a long way to making us a good mixture.


I’m here to help you see deeper into yourself, nature, art. I’m here to help validate your dreams. I’m here to help you build the freest possible relationship with yourself.


Connection happens through the relationship we create, which occurs on many levels. I see your unique beauty and use my ability to reveal that in a photograph, I help you expand what you thought was possible and go deeper into yourself and the world.


My purpose is to help you see what really drives you and to help you connect with it and show it to the world. Only you can go there but I can help take you there. I bring understanding energy so you can reveal your true self.


Last but not least, I bring skills honed through decades of artistic practice, growth and learning. I love this work and love sharing it with you. I believe you will see and feel that when we work together.


Rates here apply to most projects like portraits, events and commercial work. Large events and weddings start at these rates and may require additional staff.

Give me a call at 917-716-4448 and I’ll put together a quote for you or email me hereI’m looking forward to hearing about your project and helping you make it fantastic. 


Day ratestarts at $1,500

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Monthly packagesspecial rates
Quarterly packagesspecial rates
Weddings start at $2,999
Wedding Videosstart at $1,500

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Miguel is the first photographer I’ve worked with in my 25-year career to capture my work as I see it. His eye is astonishing

— Ried Farrington

Magical work. Miguel creates photos that look like paintings.

— Ariel Guidry

Miguel is a joy to work with. His images are gorgeous. He brings profound understanding from years as a performing artist with a keen eye and empathetic, flexible energy.

— Cherice Barton

What’s the perfect place for you to be photographed?

Take this fun, short quiz to find out.

What’s the perfect place for you to be photographed?

Take this fun, short quiz to find out.